Hi, and welcome to Hahn Guitars’ website.

I am Chihoe Hahn, the founder and builder of all the instruments you see on this site.  Hahn Guitars started in 2006, and I have been building guitars for some of the finest players since then.  Our guitars have been on the biggest stages, the finest recording studios, and in the hands of musicians with a passion for an instrument’s purity of tone, playability and beauty.

Our goal at Hahn Guitars is to build the finest electric guitars available.  How we accomplish this goal is to put our hearts and skill into every instrument we build.  No guitar leaves the shop until it is “there”.  We use only the finest woods, metals and electronics.  We only use nitrocellulose lacquer, and apply up to 40 coats to deliver a paper-thin finish.

An electric guitar is a mysterious thing, and everyone has a theory as to what makes it great, and what is most and what is least important.  Some believe that quality woods are the key.  Some believe pickups.  Some believe in quartersawn necks and some believe in flatsawn.  Some believe the weight of the tuners is critical.  Some believe that pickguards dampen vibration and polyurethane does not.

I believe that everything matters.  And I believe that what is most important is the vision of the builder.  What does the builder hear?  What does the builder want to accomplish?  Plain and simple:  the builder’s goal is informed by his acoustic sensitivity and vision, and then his ability to attain that vision.  

I believe an electric guitar should have great clarity, balance, air, vocal-like mids, solidity, full sonic range, dynamic range, responsiveness (even touch sensitivity), and sustain.  And it should be able to be setup to play effortlessly, or with effort.  It should both disappear in the hands of the player – to let him focus only on expression – and inspire – to let him go to new places.  A great electric guitar should sound wonderful unplugged, it should sound intimate and immediate and acoustic through a small amp, and it should roar and scream when plugged into a high power tube amp. And it should look great, neck leaning against your couch!

There are a lot of guitars out there and it certainly is a challenge to offer something that seeks to achieve such goals.  We believe that our guitars do.  I hope you get a chance to own a Hahn Guitar, and thank you for your interest.

All the best on your musical journey!
Chihoe Hahn