About Our Shop



At Hahn Guitars -- now located in the beautiful Hudson Valley in Newburgh, NY -- we strive to make guitars of unparalleled quality.  We start with the finest woods and metals and components and from there we build with our hearts, hands and our ears.  We believe that a guitar is only as good as the sonic and aesthetic vision of its builder.  We believe that, more than anything, we build a "musical" instrument - one that excites, facilitates and inspires the musician who plays it.  

Our wood is dried to perfection, then it is sealed with nitrocellulose lacquer to a glass-like finish that is thinner than a piece of paper.  From there, the body, neck and all the components are hand-fit to ensure the maximum resonance and expression of the instrument.  The guitar is then assembled with pickups and hardware we designed and built specifically for that model instrument.  We then setup the guitar so that it plays and sounds as good or better than any instrument you have ever played.  Then it is shipped, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We hope that you will have a lifetime of enjoyment with your Hahn guitar!

pickups and hardware

Over the past few years, we have developed pickups and hardware specifically for the guitars we make.  The sonic goal at Hahn Guitars is to provide inspiration to the guitarist.  In many ways, we want the guitar to "disappear" so that it imparts no sonic signature at all.  Our pickups and hardware, like our guitars, strive to provide clarity, warmth, balance, dynamic range and, in a word, musicality.   We use only the finest metals and materials.  We use the past to inform our choices, but we are in no way building replica pickups or hardware. We follow our ears, and we seek to provide the musicians who use our pickups and hardware - from living rooms to the world's biggest stages and studios - with the finest tools available.