At Hahn Guitars, we custom design and make pretty much all of the hardware thats on the guitar, except for the tuners.

Our bridges are precision machined, milled, from solid billets of cold rolled steel, and are then finished in nitrocellulose lacquer.  They are magnetic, and add a rich, harmonic complexity.  Each bridge allows for a string through body or a toploading setup.  String through will provide more body resonance, and a wider sonic spectrum while toploading will give you a slinkier, and slightly more complex sound with more emphasis on the midrange.

Saddles are brass and compensated for perfect intonation up and down the fretboard.

Neckplates are also milled, but from solid billets of stainless steel.  A .10" thickness provides even pressure when you tighten the neck screws, ensuring maximum energy transfer and clarity.

Body ferrules are machined out of stainless steel.

Brass and aluminum heavy knurl knobs are the finest quality available.

Screws are stainless steel.



All Hahn guitars are outfitted with the finest electronic components, including CRL switches, CTS potentiometers, Orange Drop and a variety of vintage capacitors and vintage cloth push back wire.  All soldering is done by hand.