2018 recap!

What a year, 2018!

We introduced several new models, won awards, built relationships with two new dealers (in Tokyo and London - we’ve never really worked with dealers) and tons of people got new guitars. First and foremost… THANK YOU! Thank you to everyone who has supported us through your orders and everyone who has followed us on social media and our website.

It’s early January, but we are still shipping Model Cs - the signature model developed with the great Jim Campilongo - and catching up on the backlog of orders of 228s, 229s, 1229s, 910s and 112s.

I have to say that we have the most understanding and gracious customers - believe it or not we are still essentially a one-man shop and have quite clearly had growing pains - but no one has NOT gotten their guitar :-). Every guitar gets the full attention like any other - whether it’s going to a major touring or recording artist or a bedroom player. Every guitar is the same to me. I tell folks all the time that the guitar doesn’t become itself until the very last minute, and then it snaps into form. That can be the swipe of a nut file, or a slight adjustment in the setup. Of course, there are months of work behind that moment, but we always wait for it before completing and delivering the instrument - and always will.

So, it’s early this morning and I have a lot of guitars to box up and get out - yes, I pack and ship every one of them! Thank you again - sincerely, and deeply. We put everything we had into 2018, and 2019 will be even better… more signature models, hardware, pickups, guitars… yeah!

Happy new year!

PS - just noticed that this makes one blog entry every year… not bad!