Hahn 112 wins the Premier Gear Award and Year End Gear Award from Premier Guitar Magazine!

We are so, so proud to announce that our Model 112 has received a Premier Gear Award from Premier Guitar Magazine.  The 112 was also awarded PG's Gear of the Year award.  We want to thank John Bohlinger for his thoughtful and thorough video review as well as Joe Gore for his in depth written review.  Gore wrote, "The 112 is an inspiring instrument with a voice of its own". 

When you work on a thing for many years - in our case electric guitars - and you are lucky enough to love what you do, when your work is acknowledged in this way it is immensely gratifying.  Building guitars is a pretty solitary endeavor.  It is hard work, but it is also stressful work as you never quite know what is going to happen next.  The wood is an organic, living thing, and you are asking it to work with you and some metal bits and bobs to create nothing short of the most important thing in the world, music.  It is "putting yourself out there" to the n'th degree.  You are judged on your workmanship, your imagination, your perception, your vision, your aesthetic... am I missing anything?  And you have to try to make a living doing it.  Not a small task!

And so we accept this acknowledgement with humility.  Thank you once again to the folks at PG -- Brett, John and Joe -- we thank you for your interest in our work, and for helping us do what we love and get more of our instruments out into the world.  

OK,... back to it :-}