Model 112 - in full production

We have been building the 112 for a while, but we are finally in full production of a specific configuration - we think it's the base configuration.  Not base like basic, or vile!  But base like quintessential.  The first run of 30 is under way... we might do a crowdfunding type deal to kick them off... any interest?  

No doubt that the 112 works on many different levels, and with many different pickup configurations.  We started with a T in the bridge, and an S in the neck.  Now, what a guitar sounds like is dependent on so many things -- scale length, wood choices, body SHAPE, edging, hardware choices, breakover angle of the strings over the bridge, finish choices, fret wire, neck joint type and tightness, tuners, neck angle,.. a million other things, and... oh yeah, setup!  

So, we settled on this:

alder body, .85-87" maple/rosewood neck with C contour, medium jumbo frets, "H" bridge in cold rolled steel, compensated brass saddles, traditional p90 bridge and rod magnet p90 in the neck (with the option of a goldfoil in the middle).  Colors?  Wait and see... this is gonna be fun!

That's it.  Our vision of this guitar?  How would I describe it?  The 112... straightforward, simple, dynamic, clear, growly, singing, stinging, warm, throaty, leanable on the couch, play it all day while watching tv, compose, practice, spill beer on it, play it at the Beacon theater, record with it... enjoy it :-)