Boutique Guitar Showcase - West Fall 2017

One Jamie Gale contacted me recently and asked if I would like to include Hahn guitars in his Boutique Guitar Showcase in September.  Jamie told me about it, and it sounded like he had a great idea. The BGS, he explained, is a tour that Jamie takes with guitars from some 50 builders - the tour rolls around in an RV and hits the highest of high end dealers in the US and Europe.  At each stop, the selected dealer holds a private event by invitation only (I think) and folks get to view and try out the guitars.  Cool!  As I have just completed two new models - the 112 and 910 - I thought this would be a great way to get them seen and to get feedback. And so we overnighted some guitars to the Guitar Sanctuary in McKinney TX for tonight's show. When I got home I re-read the shipping instructions and realized we hadn't included stands or strings or polishing materials, so that was another trip to the bank, I mean Fedex.  

In the past I have exhibited my guitars at a few shows, and at NAMM, but my guitars have never seen the insides of a boutique guitar dealership (at least new!).  So what is the point of being on this tour?  Selling guitars, sure... and the ones on the tour will be for sale.  But I also look forward to hearing what these shops have to say about the guitars.  I hope my guitars get a good look - the other guitars on the tour are truly extraordinary.  I have always focused solely on sound and performance, and I think I take a back seat in visual "pop"... not my cup of tea, but I am as amazed as anyone at what builders can do.  And so I wait... it's exciting...  fingers crossed :-)


10-19-17.   POST MORTUM: well, this didn't quite turn out as planned...