Boutique Guitar Showcase - West Fall 2017

One Jamie Gale contacted me recently and asked if I would like to include Hahn guitars in his Boutique Guitar Showcase in September.  Jamie told me about it, and it sounded like he had a great idea. The BGS, he explained, is a tour that Jamie takes with guitars from some 50 builders - the tour rolls around in an RV and hits the highest of high end dealers in the US and Europe.  At each stop, the selected dealer holds a private event by invitation only (I think) and folks get to view and try out the guitars.  Cool!  As I have just completed two new models - the 112 and 910 - I thought this would be a great way to get them seen and to get feedback. And so we overnighted some guitars to the Guitar Sanctuary in McKinney TX for tonight's show. When I got home I re-read the shipping instructions and realized we hadn't included stands or strings or polishing materials, so that was another trip to the bank, I mean Fedex.  

In the past I have exhibited my guitars at a few shows, and at NAMM, but my guitars have never seen the insides of a boutique guitar dealership (at least new!).  So what is the point of being on this tour?  Selling guitars, sure... and the ones on the tour will be for sale.  But I also look forward to hearing what these shops have to say about the guitars.  I hope my guitars get a good look - the other guitars on the tour are truly extraordinary.  I have always focused solely on sound and performance, and I think I take a back seat in visual "pop"... not my cup of tea, but I am as amazed as anyone at what builders can do.  And so I wait... it's exciting...  fingers crossed :-)



new site

Well, after how many years, we are finally embarking on a new site.  This is very much a part of a new overall direction at Hahn Guitars.  I have always wanted to build the best guitars I could with the goal of providing musicians with the most expressive, wonderful instruments available - new or vintage.  A tall order, for sure, but why not?  There is nothing like playing music, and your instrument really needs to be a part of that journey.  I strive to build a guitar that very much disappears in your hands - so that you are just in the moment and not fighting or even noticing your guitar.  Instead, I believe that it needs to allow you to go places that you didn't know were possible - beyond thinking, and simply into a space where you are reacting, creating and expressing.  This probably sounds a bit weirdo, but I hope not - we have all been there, otherwise, you would not be here :-) .  So, with the new site, we are heading in this new direction - of putting more guitars into the world, and in an easier way.  We will still do custom orders, but we will be building guitars to the same quality as always, but to a set of specifications that we have chosen.  In some ways, these are the versions of the guitar that we believe are best for the guitar (but what do we know!).  Over the years, clients have ordered so many different spec'd guitars that we have learned a lot... and that knowledge is put into these guitars.  From a process and technical standpoint, these are the exact same guitars we have always built.

So,... if you want to forgot what position your pickup selector is in, and just play and get lost in your music, maybe one of these guitars is for you :-)   To all, including us, bon voyage, and please check back and see how we develop our site and our guitars ... your comments would be great!